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Do the accounting for the past periods

Catch up

Is your accounting not made for past periods? You are not alone with your situation. however you should know, that only few accounting company have the resources to work with this client group because normally they have focus on existing customers. We can certainly help you catch up with your accounting and prepare financial statements for past periods.

“Catch up” is a service for those, who normally do bokkeping by their own means, but who may need assistance with the updating of the bookkeping. We can help you but it will cost you more than a regular accounting agreement. The reason for this is, that “catch up” work is based on overtime of our accounting personnell.

About the service

Unlike our regular accounting for newly established small business, with this service you will not get accounting on permanent basis. The accounting result will come delivered electronically via e-mail as well as in the form of filled paper declaration forms, which later has to be sent to appropriate the authorities .

This “catch up” service is often used when providing last financial statements in connection with the closure of the firm, catching up with the annual reports or in any other situation when you are far behind the current deadlines.


  • You have less than 500 documents
  • You deliver bank account statement.
  • You deliver trial balance if your company had activities earlier.
  • You deliver all the documents, so we can indentify all the transactions in your bank account statement.
  • You provide us with the brief comments if needed to understand some of your documents.
  • Lowest fee for this service is 6000 SEK + VAT and this ammount has to be paid in advance.

This service is based on overtime of the personnel and therefore will cost 750 SEK+ VAT per hour. Work will be done in 4 weeks, assuming the assumptions above are fullfilled.

Eventual errors or omissions in the documents

If there are errors and/or omissions in the documents you brought us for accounting you will receive an e-mail where we notify you about this. This notification must be answered and and eventual completion have to be made within 3 days. If this is not done, we will carry out the assignment further in accordance with “god regnskapsskikk ” and best accounting practice, but you must be aware that:

  • Cash withdrawal without documentation will be treated as private withdrawal , which may give you higher VAT / corporate profit or private tax payable.
  • Cash deposits without documentation could also lead to higher VAT / or tax.
  • If the bank account statement is missing, we can not do the accounting for your.
  • If the the trial balance (or SIE file) is missing , but the company had an activity before the period we are doing accounting for – we can not do the accounting for your.

In cases where we can not do the accounting, we will not refund minimum amount. We therefore warmly recommend that you do not order until you are sure you can deliver full set of accounting documents.

Our delivery to you

The ready reports are delivered to you by e-mail or surface mail to be signed by you and further delivered to the authorities. If we get a technical possibility, for instance a remotely accessed computer with preinstalled electronic signature and password, we can deliver reports directly to Skatteverket and Bolagverket electronic systems.

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