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Changing the Accounting Company in Sweden

Do you wonder if you should change your accountant?

Many people have got the idea to change their accounting company. It has become normal to challenge deliverer of accounting service and consider changing it. In many cases one can earn on changing the accountant to one that has good accounting processes can give you real savings.

Changing accountant can be a good and healthy idea. It is no matter whether the motive is reduced costs, or your existing accountant is not available in the extent you want him to be, or if you want more modern treatment of accounting work. We help you with the change process and assist you with 10 free hours help to facilitate the change.

Why change accounant?

It can be many reasons, why people change their accountants. Most of Swedish accountant firms are small and they don’t have the organisation or the technology to ensure you good availability of your accountant. Often small accounting firms have limited capacity and in some periods this may lead to worse quality.

  • Better service
  • Better availability
  • Better systems
  • Better technology
  • Lower costs

Which time in the year is best to change an accountant?

Many businesses change their accountants at the end of financial year and therefore it can be considered as a natural time of the year. However it is not always necessary to wait until the new year. We will help you to change accountant at the month-end if you want to. We can often we clarify this question at our the first face-to-face meeting or telephone call.

How does a change of accounting company happens?

We do all the switching process for you. We will contact your old accountant and receive the information we need to change the accounting company. We prepare the documentation needed for a smooth change and provide for the necessary permissions in Skatteverkets electronic services.

Do not forget the notice period

Normally one has a notice period with their existing supplier of accounting service about termination of agreement. Usually this notice period is up to 3 months. Once you have made a decision to change accountants, we can help you to end the relationship with your old accounting company. We will have a dialogue with the old accountant and ensure an orderly and smooth transition process.

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