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About us – accounting and company formation in Sweden

Contus provides all services within accounting and company incorporation. We are working in three countries – Norway, Sweden and Lithuania. Our main office lies in Great Stockholm area (Vällingby) but we serve customers from all the country.

We also work with international accounting, particularly with regard to establishment and enterprises operate in other EU countries. Thus, we have as customers foreign compoanies coming from other EU countries and operating in Sweden, as well as Swedish customers who have all or part of the business in other EU countries. You can always get access to our skilled advisors from our offices in  Norway and the Baltic countries.

We are open on weekdays from 08.00 to 17.00. Pop in to our office for a conversation or call us at  +46 (0)79 304 0912 or write to us.

We have a broad client porfolio and every client has found a specific area where we can help it. Size does not matter – we can help you no matter, whether you are big or small.

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